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Free FOBT Colon Cancer Screening Kits Available

You have the power to stop colon cancer before it starts.

Colon cancer starts with a polyp that is not cancer yet.  Testing can help your doctor tell if there is a problem, and some tests can find a growth before it becomes cancer.  Most people who have these polyps removed, never get cancer.

If colon cancer is found early, you have a good chance of beating it with treatment.  And testing can find it early so that you can be around to enjoy the great moments in life and those around you that you care about the most!

If you’re 50 or older, you need to get tested for colon cancer.  Free FOBT colon cancer screening kits are available at Three Rivers Public Health Department.  Call (402) 727-5396 for more information.

These free kits are provided by the Fremont Area Colon Cancer Task Force which includes the American Cancer Society, Fremont Area Medical Center, Three Rivers Public Health Department, and the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program.

Three Rivers staff is available to provide programs and presentations through local employers, churches, community events, and schools.


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