Disease Surveillance

As one of the primary functions of a local health department, Reportable Disease Surveillance serves as the early alert system for all communicable diseases.  Three Rivers Public Health Department is notified of all lab-confirmed communicable diseases and conducts public health investigations through utilization of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS)

Our partnership with local hospitals, health care providers, nursing homes, and schools to receive prompt notification of reportable diseases enables us to begin the disease investigation process in a timely manner as well as to disseminate helpful information to prevent their future spread. Syndromic surveillance is a way for Three Rivers to collect real time information on symptoms that may indicate local disease outbreaks. 

Syndromic surveillance is conducted in Dodge, Saunders, and Washington Counties as follows:

  • 50 schools report absences every week throughout the school year
  • 22 long term care facilities report influenza-like illness every week throughout influenza season
  • 3 hospitals report influenza-like illness every week throughout influenza season
  • 1 local physician serves as a sentinel physician, reporting influenza-like illness seen in their office every week throughout influenza season

Disease Surveillance Press Release:

View our press releases page.

District Health Stats:

  1. District Demographics:

  2. Chronic Diseases in the Three Rivers District
    Cancer: http://data.publichealthne.org/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Cancer&islDistrict=Three%20Rivers%20Public%20HD
    Heart Disease

  3. Behavioral Health
    Mental Health
    Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Data: http://data.publichealthne.org/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=BRFSS&islDistrict=Three%20Rivers%20Public%20HD&islYear=2010

  4. Injury
    Unintentional Injuries
    Safe Kids Three Rivers
    Link to Safe Kids page

  5. Three Rivers Public Health Department Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey Results

  6. Intentional Injuries
    Injuries, Deaths, and Prosecutions
    Death Data: http://data.publichealthne.org/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Death&islDistrict=Three%20Rivers%20Public%20HD&islYear=2011
    Domestic Violence: http://www.bridgefromviolence.com/

  7. Maternal and Child Health
    Infant Mortality
    Birth Data: http://data.publichealthne.org/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Birth&islDistrict=Three%20Rivers%20Public%20HD&islYear=2011

  8. Local Surveillance Activities
    Influenza Activity: http://dhhs.ne.gov/publichealth/Pages/flu.aspx
    Monthly Surveillance Reports
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