The Nebraska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) one-page summary table (found here) provides prevalence estimates and 95% confidence intervals for 27 select health indicators collected from Nebraska adults aged 18 and older during 2019. One summary table has been prepared for each of 19 LHDs (18 LB692 departments plus Dakota County) in place at the time of this report.

The BRFSS is a telephone survey of adults 18 and older and includes landline telephone and cell phone data collection. To be more representative of all adults, data are weighted according to the CDC BRFSS weighting methodology (i.e. iterative proportional fitting, also known as raking). Differences in prevalence estimates for two sub-groups of the population can be determined to be statistically significant if their 95% confidence intervals do not overlap. Responses of “Don’t know/Not sure” and “Refused” were removed from the denominators when calculating prevalence estimates for these summary tables. It is possible that data presented in these tables are slightly different than previously published results due to differences in how an indicator was calculated or how the data were analyzed.

View the BRFSS summary for Three Rivers Health Department: BRFSS 2019

Learn more about the BRFSS summary and see the definitions for the 27 health indicators presented in the summary table: BRFSS Summary Info

View the BRFSS Reports for other Nebraska counties: DHHS - BRFSS Reports

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